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The Landlord And Tenant Podmess

Welcome to the Landlord And Tenant Podmess, the only podcast with the guts to ask the question: can a landlord and tenant be buddies?

Each week, co-hosts Michael Balazo (a 30-something tenant) and James Hartnett (a young Toronto landlord) discuss building politics, play silly games and interview fascinating guests. Things often get heated, but they're certainly never dull!

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Twitter: @ltpodmess


Jan 22, 2019   

Hi. This week, Michael has news about minimizing his living space and James has an update about his latest business venture. Then it’s time for the debut of the exciting new segment Quality Quotes!

Our guest this week is comedian Nick Nemeroff, who stops by to talk about his cultural...

Jan 14, 2019   

Happy New Year. This week, James moves out and Michael becomes emotional. Then, it’s time for the return of fan favorite segment… Brain Farts!

Our guest is Tim Gilbert who helps dole out fantastic advice to listeners.

Be sure to check out Tim’s hilarious albums Tim Sings! The...

Jan 3, 2019    

Hi. Oh wow, it’s the second instalment of the show’s finest moments! These are some of our favorite clips, memories and guests, such as:

  • Tess Degenstein
  • Chip Zdarsky
  • Chris Wilson
  • Nelu Handa
  • Segment: Tips For The Royal Couple
  • Darren Springer
  • Michael & James discuss their weeks…...

Dec 31, 2018   

Hi. Happy holidays, everyone. This week you’re in luck because we’ve put together a highlight of the show’s finest moments! These are some of our favorite clips, featuring guests such as: 

  • Evany Rosen
  • Tim Gilbert
  • Jackie Pirico
  • Raina Douris
  • Nick Flanagan
  • Marty Topps
  • Nick...

Dec 18, 2018   

Hi. This week, we’re kicking back and enjoying the holidays with our second annual Xmas Spectacular episode! It’s a fun and exciting party featuring our friends Aaron Eves, Tom Henry and Evany Rosen. Plus, it’s the debut of the special new yuletide segment “It’s The Most...