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The Landlord And Tenant Podmess

Welcome to the Landlord And Tenant Podmess, the only podcast with the guts to ask the question: can a landlord and tenant be buddies?

Each week, co-hosts Michael Balazo (a 30-something tenant) and James Hartnett (a young Toronto landlord) discuss building politics, play silly games and interview fascinating guests. Things often get heated, but they're certainly never dull!

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Twitter: @ltpodmess


Jun 28, 2017

Hi, eh! Put on your toque, become a professional hockey player and drive your car into a moose, because it’s time for the first annual Landlord And Tenant Podmess Canada Day Special!

To kick things off, Michael and a newly buff James premiere a brand new segment called Neighbourhood HotWatch! The exciting series...

Jun 15, 2017


Hi! Thank you! 

This week, James and Michael delve into the exciting world of urban street festivals! Then, our heroes welcome broadcasting superstar Raina Douris, who offers brutally honest feedback about the ins and outs of making it in the glamorous, dog eat dog world of Canadian radio.

Special thanks to today’s...

Jun 7, 2017

Michael and James kick off this week’s episode by debuting a fresh, new segment called "Audio Community Bulletin Board." You're going to want to crank the volume on this one!

Then, Michael and James have a fascinating discussion with Omar, the building’s wealthy and good-looking drug dealer. Omar talks about dealing...