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The Landlord And Tenant Podmess

Welcome to the Landlord And Tenant Podmess, the only podcast with the guts to ask the question: can a landlord and tenant be buddies?

Each week, co-hosts Michael Balazo (a 30-something tenant) and James Hartnett (a young Toronto landlord) discuss building politics, play silly games and interview fascinating guests. Things often get heated, but they're certainly never dull!

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Twitter: @ltpodmess


Sep 28, 2018

Hi. We recorded so much great stuff with our recent guest Bryn Pottie that we thought we'd put it out as a special mini-sode. Topics covered include:

  • James pitches a video game about Michael
  • is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a gamer?
  • Michael pitches a video game about homeschooling
  • James...

Sep 25, 2018

Hi. This week, because of James’ precarious financial situation, Michael and James are roomies! And they do a segment about it!

Our guest is video game designer Bryn Pottie, who talks about the exciting game he’s developing, John Madden, Mel Gibson, Steve Urkel and the history of...

Sep 19, 2018

Hi. This week Michael and James talk about some controversial and revolting Beatles news. Then, it’s time for another installment of the hit segment WHAT THE TECH???

Our guest is Stacey McGunnigle, who stops by to chat about the exciting world of event planning, fashion and everything...

Sep 11, 2018

Hi. This week Michael and James talk about this and that. Then, in honor of the Toronto International Film Festival, they offer up the official Landlord And Tenant Podmess Guide to Toronto for TIFFers!

Our guest is Chris Locke, who opens up about his recent attempt to break the world...

Sep 4, 2018

Hi. This week, James debuts his Russian girlfriend Nadia’s controversial new dance music single “The Kissing Olympics.” Then, it’s time for the segment “Broadway Adaptations We’d Like To See/Adapt That Thang.”

Our guest is elevator repairman Gary Rideout Jr., who talks about a life in the business, love...