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The Landlord And Tenant Podmess

Welcome to the Landlord And Tenant Podmess, the only podcast with the guts to ask the question: can a landlord and tenant be buddies?

Each week, co-hosts Michael Balazo (a 30-something tenant) and James Hartnett (a young Toronto landlord) discuss building politics, play silly games and interview fascinating guests. Things often get heated, but they're certainly never dull!

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Twitter: @ltpodmess


Dec 31, 2019

Hi. This week, James and Michael are hosting the internet's largest New Year's Eve party. It's also the debut of the exciting new segment “Bye Bitch: Things We Loved and Hated in 2019!”

Our guest is pop culture critic, journalist and podcaster Vish Khanna, who stops by to tell...

Dec 17, 2019

Hi. This week, James and Michael kick off the show by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in a big way. Then, it’s time for a Yuletide version of the classic segment “What The Tech?”

Our guest is comedian Chris Locke, who stops by to talk about the holidays, movies,...

Dec 9, 2019

Hi. This week, James and Michael discuss the notorious poo bucket man who briefly terrorized Toronto’s streets. Then, it’s time for the debut of the exciting new seasonal segment “Updated Christmas Carols!”

Our guest is comedian and actor Cheryl Hann, who stops by to talk...

Nov 26, 2019

Hi. This week, James and Michael are pleased to present the first episode of their new current events series Porno & Politics. The concept is simple: three people get together, pop on a pornographic movie and chew the fat about politics. This week's special guest is Tim Gilbert.


Nov 18, 2019

Hi. You might want to pour yourself a glass of eggnog and eat a candy cane, because this week James and Michael are reporting live from the Toronto Santa Claus Parade! PLUS: it’s the debut of the brand new segment “Disney+ Fails!”


If you live in the...